Custom USB Drive

Custom USB Drives

Here at Bulk USB, we’re passionate about originality and creativity. We know a custom USB drive is more about just data storage – its a way to spread your brand message to everyone who sees it.

That’s why our custom USB drives are available for small quantities at prices comparable to our standard range!


Any shape, size or colour
We can custom shape USB Drives into almost any shape, size and design you can imagine (even if you can’t imagine it, we can do do that part for you!).

Simply provide us with the shape, picture or idea that you have and we’ll help make it a 3D reality.

The Process is simple:

1. Send us a photo, picture or drawing of your idea, or simply tell us what you’re thinking.
2. We’ll provide you with a 2D on screen mock-up of the design.
3. With your feedback, we’ll tweak this design to further suit your needs.
4. A 3D on screen mock-up is made to show the specifications.
5. Once approved, we’ll have photos of an actual sample within a week and your full order of USB’s within the month!
The best part is, We charge absolutely nothing to create a design!

If you’re not sure if your idea will work, let us see what we can come up with.

If you don’t like what you see – there’s no obligation to proceed and definitely no charge!