Data Loading onto USB Service

Bulk USB offers a range of innovative data options for your content to ensure you maximise the results.

The following outlines some of the options available for your data loading.


Standard data loading

We can load marketing material, presentations, images, interactive content and videos to your USB drives so they can be accessed by users when they put your USB drive in their computer. The files are erasable and can simply be for the purpose of viewing once.


Permanent / non erasable data

This is if you’d like your data to permanently stay on your USB drives so customers can add and remove other files yet always see your content. Perfect for promotional material or files that need to be repeatedly accessed (pricelists, product guides etc).


Hidden Files

If you have files that the user never needs to see (software files, info files etc), we can hide them so they don’t complicate the drives directory.


Interactive content

If you need your data organised for a conference or similar event we can help create an interactive document. Call and speak to one of our friendly specialists to discuss!


How Much can fit on your USB?

The below table shows the average amounts of data that can fit onto our available USB sizes, this is a great way to decide on your required capacity if there is specific data that you need uploaded.


USB Capacity Photos* Songs* Documents* Videos*
128MB 76 28 112 15 min
256MB 153 57 225 30 min
512MB 307 115 450 1 hour
1GB 614 230 900 2 hours
2GB 1,229 460 1,800 4 hours
4GB 2,457 921 3,600 9 hours
8GB 4,915 1,843 7,200 18 hours
16GB 9,830 3,686 14,500 36 hours
32GB 19,660 7,372 29,000 72 hours

*Photos based on an average file size of 1.5MB. Songs based on an average file size of 4MB. Documents based on a combined average of a 50kB Word document, 27Kb Excel spreadsheet and 2.7MB PowerPoint presentation. Approximation for video playback at 768kbp/MPEG4. Actual time may vary based on resolution and compression.